One with nature High quality finely ground lime, hydrated lime, stone powder and lump lime Products for building material and for the paper industry Functional fillers for soil and asphalt hardening Exemplary investments into environmentally friendly production 2001: acquired by Schmid Industrieholding 7 production facilities in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain Roughly 320 employees


Energy efficient thermal insulation from the basement to the roof Innovative thermal and acoustic insulation in central and eastern Europe Environmentally friendly and energy-saving to decrease heating expenses For low energy consuming and passive houses as well as thermal renovation 1980: acquired by Schmid Industrieholding 26 production facilities in 12 countries Around 1400 employees


Baumit. Ideas with a future. Establishment of the first business, 1911 in Wopfing The ‘Pioneer’ of thermal insulation systems “Ideas with a future” with more than 100 years of expertise Leader in facades, plasters and screeds ETICS’s No.1 European company Since 1988 under the brand name Baumit Over 50 production facilities in 25 countries with[…]

Schmid Industrie Holding

People are the reason for our success Respecting the roots, maintaining continuity, recognizing opportunities – a principle that is particularly reflected in the history of Schmid Industrieholding. The result is remarkable: around 100 notable, successful companies and strategic assets employing roughly 7000 people. Dive into the world of Schmid Industrieholding and paint your own picture.